Bitcoin payment


In todays developing trade markets, transport logistics has become most demanded service.

Unicore is one of the leading companies for the transportation of goods to any point of the globe using all possible transportation modes: by rail, air, road and sea. Our main difference from other freight forwarders is the possibility to pay for transportation or customs clearance using bitcoins.

The undeniable advantages of such payment are:

  • Savings on transfer costs. Crypto currency is universal for all countries. Regardless of whether you need to transport goods from China or from Europe you can pay by bitcoins and you can significantly save on commissions, the percentage of which is much lower than in other payment systems.
  • If you have bitcoins, you do not have to exchange your bitcoins in to any currency, so you can avoid costly currency exchange rates, bank fees and the time you can save by waiting the funds to arrive.
  • Fast. Transactions take 10-15 minutes, you do not need to wait in line in the bank or wait until the bank approves the transfer of the amount you chose. You can do your business, saving your time and time of your partners
  • Security. By paying for Unicore services with crypto currency, you are insured more than using a credit card or wire transfer. Transportation and customs clearance paid by bitcoins is now available even to a user who previously had no business with electronic payment methods.
  • Transparency of operations. You can track the whole chain: starting from the appearance of bitcoins on the account and ending with their transfers to the accounts.
  • Stability of the currency. Despite the fluctuations in value, the Crypto-currency is generally more stable than most of the world's currencies and has a tendency to further growth. Carrying out transportation from Russia and paying by bitcoins on an ongoing basis, you will be insured against sharp jumps of quotations on currency exchanges.

Due to payment by bitcoins, you can use the services of Unicore company not only from the office, but from anywhere in the world where you have access to the Internet. The speed of transportation and customs clearance have now become several times faster.