Air freight


International air cargo transportation is a convenient, reliable and fast way of shipping goods for importers and exporters. Any distance is overcome in a matter of hours, which allows you to effectively solve difficult business tasks.

Unicore Overseas Ltd, due to a wide range of partners network and agencies, as well as having its own offices in 4 countries of the world, will provide an optimal solutions for cargo transportation by air cargo transport.

Employees of offices in Beijing, Riga and Dublin will help to organise air transportation of goods from China, Europe and any other place in the world, taking into account all the details of local customs legislation.

The main priority in our work is the complete satisfaction of the customer's logistics needs (efficiency, reliability and safety of delivery). In addition to direct freight forwarding, we offer:

  • customs clearance services;
  • storage of goods in a warehouse;
  • formation of collected items;
  • cargo consolidation;
  • air express services;
  • door to door delivery;
  • same day delivery by air;
  • hand to hand delivery;
  • valuable goods transportation by air;
  • cargo insurance services;
  • accelerated processing of orders;
  • Express delivery.
  • Competitive prices.

International cargo air transportation requires high qualification from the employees who make out them. Unicore Overseas Ltd has accumulated many years of experience in dealing with complex and delicate cargoes (dangerous, perishable, valuable etc.) in compliance with all internal rules of airlines and international conventions.

Employees of Unicore Overseas Ltd will offer the best solution, taking into account the peculiarities of your business, explaining the customs nuances and help to properly draw up the documents.

If necessary - you can order a combined delivery using different types of transport, where the air transportation of goods will be involved in one or several stages. Services for international air transport of goods from Unicore Overseas Ltd is a solution to a full range of tasks related to the movement of goods across the border. Simplicity and safety of delivery, high speed of receipt and dispatch of cargoes are the main advantages of this type of transportation.