Oversize cargo transportatation

Do you need to transport any oversize load or non-standard cargo but cannot find a suitable option? We will be able to help you!

What is heavy lift and non-standard cargo transport?

Non-standard, heavy lift or oversize load cargo cannot be placed in a typical cargo box or container, therefore it needs a special transport, and we, here at Unicore Overseas, offer such option.

The most popular items requiring non-standard cargo transport:

  • Construction machinery
  • Modular houses
  • Agricultural and forestry machinery
  • Wind generators
  • Industrial machinery
  • Building structure elements
  • Metal constructions of varied configuration

And other non-standard cargoes

Oversized cargoes are carried by motorways by special vehicles or by sea, which requires maximum coordination for numerous tasks solution:

  • Preparation of required set of documents (including permits);
  • Exact elaboration of the route excluding problem areas;
  • Special machinery selection required for transportation of non-standards oversized heavy load
  • Loading operations considering all peculiarities of cargo and its transportation;
  • Cargo marking and sealing meeting the requirements of its safety;
  • Cargo insurance (at the client’s option).

Within the European Union (EC), the Council Directive 96/53/EC gives information about the
permissible dimensions and weights for certain road vehicles in international traffic. Vehicle
combinations (trucks with ordinary trailers or semi-trailers) which comply with the criteria specified
here may travel on roads within the EU without a special permit. The size and weight limits set by
the Council Directive are summarised in the tables.