Road freight


Trucking is a convenient way of transporting goods from the supplier to the customer. This transport mode is used by several production and trading companies that provide their services in our country and beyond.

In most cases today, international road transport is carried out using the system "Just in time" (that is, the main priority is to deliver the goods at a predetermined time), and also on the principle of "door to door" (with minimal participation in transportation of the customer services or their representatives ).

We, acting as a provider of services for the transport of goods by road, assume the responsibility to fulfil all obligations assumed. The range of services offered by us is quite large: we deal with export and import cargo, full truck loads and LTL. We provide all possible international transport of goods by road worldwide.

What are the principles that underlie the provision of such services by our company?

High level of reliability - the customer must be sure that his cargo will not be lost, stolen or damaged.

The cost of our services is acceptable for the majority of our clients - we care that the transportation of goods by road is available to most of our potential customers.

To achieve the set goals in the field of road transportation of goods, we have everything we need:

  • experience;
  • signed agreements on cooperation with domestic and foreign partners cariers;
  • a large fleet of trucks, each of which is in excellent technical condition and ready for international road transport of goods literally the next minute.

Charging us with automobile transportation of goods, you can be sure that your goods are in the reliable hands of people who are interested in their prompt delivery in full set at a predetermined time. We will be glad to see you among our customers!