Rail freight


International rail transportation of goods has a number of advantages in comparison with other modes of transportation:

  • less cost per weight transported, compared to air transport
  • sometimes faster than road transport
  • transportation in containers allowed, without additional reloading, so it is possible to combine rail transportation
  • with other types of transport (road, sea, etc.).

Better transport costs and the greater transport capacities using rail transportation of goods is optimal if it is necessary to deliver large quantities of cargo that is heavy weight (more than 20 tons), as well if it is necessary to cover large distances - from 2 thousand kilometres and further.

In accordance with the parameters of the cargo, you can choose the appropriate type of railway cars (for example, supporting a certain temperature regime).

Unicore Overseas Ltd, due to a wide network of partners and agencies, as well as having its own offices in 4 countries of the world, will provide an optimal solution for the carriage of goods by rail. Employees of offices in Beijing, Riga and Dublin will help to organise the transport of goods by container from China Europe and rest of the world. Due to differences in the width of the railway track in European countries and Russia, it is recommended that international rail transport between them will be carried out in containers, since the shipped goods will need to be reloaded at the border.

Employees of Unicore Overseas Ltd in the development of logistics schemes for specific requests take into account all the specifics and nuances of local legislation of the countries, technical capabilities and features of transportation along the entire route.

One of the most actively developing destinations for delivery is transportation from Asia. Transportation of goods by rail from China is carried out, as a rule, through Vladivostok, where after customs clearance is sent to the final address of the recipient with the possibility of providing transportation services "from door to door."

Freight rail transport is not limited to freight forwarding alone. In addition to delivery services, we offer:

  • customs clearance services;
  • storage of goods in a warehouse;
  • collect charges shipments;
  • cargo insurance services;
  • accelerated processing of orders;
  • Express delivery.
  • Competitive prices.

Employees of Unicore Overseas Ltd will offer the best solution, taking into account the peculiarities of your business, explaining the customs nuances and help to properly prepare shipping documents.

If necessary - you can order a combined delivery using several types of transport, where rail transportation of goods will be used at one or several stages.